Malick Diouf avocat at a glance

Located at Épône, in The Yvelines department, less than an hour from Paris and two hours from Lyon, Malick Diouf law firm is a law firm, whose core practice is focused on tax law, and whose territorial scope of intervention covers, namely, Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

It provides individuals and enterprises with advice and customized support in tax law and in related areas such as property law and corporation law. The tax law firm advises individuals, corporates, partnerships and sole traders

Whether you are in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the law firm situated at Épône handles:
  • Wealth management;
  • Your income tax filing duties and, generally, your tax filing duties;
  • Management relating to corporation tax regardless of the size of your enterprise (SMEs/mid-tier firms, or major companies) and regardless of the way your business is run (through an enterprise, a partnership or a company)
  • Tax litigation, whether you deal with a personal tax audit or whether your enterprise deals with a tax audit. The tax law firm at Épône, in The Yvelines department, assists clients in filing petition and in judicial proceedings, to claim for the refund of undue tax. The law firm also handles tax enforcement litigation.
Thanks to its experience and its roots in the French three main economic regions: Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the tax law firm, located less than an hour from Paris, provides high added value solutions to its clients that address their core business needs and concerns. 

The tax law firm at Épône works closely with its clients and their other advisers worldwide in order to ensure that their objectives are met in a commercial and pragmatic manner.

The law firm works both in French and English.

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French tax authorities inform you that they will be auditing you through a so called examen contradictoire de situation fiscale personnelle (ESFP). No need to panic. Let us cope with this phrase. Remember that you are deemed to be in good faith!

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